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The Garage

Where Innovation Gets Revved Up

Fueling Innovation at NCG's Garage
At our garage, innovation starts with scribbling ideas on whiteboards. Our data scientists, engineers, and strategists brainstorm solutions to pressing problems using the latest tech like AI, machine learning, and analytics.
From Scribbles to Prototypes
Once we've sketched out an idea, we start tinkering. We build scrappy prototypes, do proof-of-concept tests, and refine based on results. Fail fast and learn faster is our motto. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty testing new algorithms and models.
From Prototypes to Insights

The real magic happens when we turn prototypes into products. Our cross-functional teams work agilely to iterate and operationalize the most promising ideas. We develop MVPs, run pilots, and collect user feedback to maximize value. Our garage is where concepts get accelerated from 0 to 60.

Driven to Innovate

Our garage is a think tank meets builders' workshop. We leverage data and technology to create innovative solutions to complex problems. We move swiftly from ideation to execution. Our relentless drive to innovate delivers results for our clients. Come rev your engines with us!


Case Studies

Discover our latest customer stories.

Chandan - Strategic Sales Leader - D&A Practice

Say hi to Chandan!

Chandan has a passion for transforming data into compelling stories and meaningful business insights. He brings over decades of experience enabling data-driven decision making within global captive centers.

Armed with the latest data visualization tools, Chandan can take the most complex datasets and turn them into intuitive dashboards, wow-worthy presentations, and dynamic reports. He loves digging into the numbers, uncovering hidden trends, and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the data truly comes alive.

When he’s not knee-deep in pivot tables or debating chart types, you can find Chandan indulging in his love for movies. Especially sci-fi flicks involving cool future tech (Minority Report remains a fave for its gesture-based computer screens).

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