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Q: How many rounds of interviews does NCG have?

A: The technical interview is usually 1-2 hours and includes both technical questions to assess your programming skills as well as behavioral questions about past projects and how you approach problems. Expect coding challenges on the whiteboard or IDE.

Q: How should I prepare for the technical interview?

A: Review NCG’s tech stack and brush up on algorithms and data structures. Practice explaining your code out loud while writing it. Come with questions about the role and team to show your interest.

Q: Who conducts the final round interview?

A: The final interview is with the hiring manager and often the team you would be working with. This focuses on culture fit and confirming interest. Be prepared to talk about your experience and background.

Q: How long does the interview process take?

A: From initial phone screen to offer, expect the process to take 2-3 weeks. The timing varies based on schedules. NCG’s recruiter will keep you updated on timelines.

Q: How can I best prepare for the behavioral part of the interview?

A: Review your resume and have clear examples ready to describe your projects and responsibilities. Prepare STAR stories (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to illustrate how you’ve solved problems. Be ready to talk about times you faced conflicts or challenges.

Q: What are some reasons candidates don't move forward?

A: Not having the required technical skills, poor communication, lack of interest or enthusiasm, and not being a culture fit are common reasons. Study the role and company and emphasize your relevant experience.

Q: What is included in NCG's background check?

A: NCG’s background check includes identity verification, employment history, education verification, reference checks, and criminal record checks.

Q: Can I start working before my background check is done?

A: You can fill out paperwork beforehand but cannot begin work until the process is satisfactorily completed in accordance with NCG policy.

Q: How long does the background verification take?

A: Background checks are usually completed within 1 week. Delays can happen for education/employment outside the country. The recruiter will keep you updated.

Q: Can I contest the results if something is inaccurate?

A: Yes, reach out to the recruiter if you believe something is wrong. NCG will investigate any discrepancies before making a final decision.

Q: Does my PAN card number need to be provided?

A: Yes, provide a copy of your PAN card as it is commonly used for identity verification in India during background checks.

Q: Will my Aadhaar details be needed?

A: If required for additional identity verification, NCG may request your Aadhaar number and a copy of your Aadhaar card/letter. This is kept highly confidential.

Q: When are salaries paid at NCG?

A: Salaries are paid on the 7th of each month. If the 7th falls on a holiday, salaries are paid on the preceding workday.

Q: What all components does the NCG salary include?

A: The salary includes your basic pay, HRA, conveyance allowance, and any other fixed monthly allowances as per your offer letter.

Q: How will I receive my salary?

A: Salaries are credited directly to employee bank accounts. You will need to provide your bank details during onboarding.

Q: When will my first salary be paid?

A: Your first month’s pro-rated salary will be paid in the first NCG pay run after you join. So if you join on the 10th, your first salary would be on the 7th of the following month.

Q: What is the process for salary related queries?

A: Reach out to your HR contact for any salary related clarifications or concerns. Be sure to review your pay slip every month.

Q: How can I view my salary slip details?

A: Salary slips are emailed to employees and can also be accessed online through NCG’s HR portal. Speak to your HR contact for portal access.

Q: How stable are jobs at NCG?

A: NCG has been steadily growing for over 26 years. As an established IT company, NCG provides stable long-term careers and keeps attrition low.

Q: Does NCG have a history of layoffs or downsizing?

A: No, there is no history of mass layoffs. Individual performance issues may result in terminations but these are rare.

Q: How does NCG manage economic downturns?

A: NCG relies on a diversified client base so downturns in any one sector have minimal impact. Cost optimization and natural attrition are used vs layoffs.

Q: Are jobs guaranteed for a certain period?

A: There are no guaranteed tenures, but high performers can expect continued employment.  

Q: Does NCG hire contract employees?

No, all roles are full-time.

Q: What factors drive termination at NCG?

A: Performance issues, misconduct, financial wrongdoing, or violation of company policies would be grounds for termination. These are, however, very rare occurrences.

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