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Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions for the Digital Age

Cybersecurity Services

Get end-to-end cybersecurity services that provide defense-in-depth for your digital environment. Let NCG’s experts be your partner in cyber resilience.

Protect your asset, we will do it for you

Identity and Access Management
Data Security
Network Security
Endpoint Security
Cloud Security
Security Operations Center

Get 24x7 Threat Monitoring and Incident Response

Contain and remediate attacks swiftly. Forensic analysis identifies impact and remedies. Expert emergency incident response team available.

Security Operations Center - Leverage NCG's SOC skills and tech stack for 24x7 threat monitoring and response.
Emergency Incident Response - Contain and neutralize ongoing attacks with our expert incident response team.
Security Log Monitoring - Analyze firewall, IDS, endpoint and application logs via SIEM for threat detection.
Application Security Assessments - Identify code flaws and system misconfigurations using SAST, DAST, RASP.

Our Services

Bake security into the development lifecycle with practices like static code analysis, git scans, pipeline security checks.
Managed SIEM

24x7 expert monitoring and response based on asset logs and security events.

Managed EDR

Protect endpoints with automated prevention, detection and response capabilities

Security Log Monitoring

Analyze firewall, IDS, endpoint and application logs via SIEM for threat detection.

Compliance Assessments

Maintain compliance with regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX with audits.

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Sajeev Dua

Say hi to Sanjeev Dua!

Sanjeev is a seasoned IT expert whose passport has more stamps than a library book. Over his 20+ year career, he’s embarked on adventures across the globe to help companies transform with technology.

Equipped with a seemingly endless trove of anecdotes, Sanjeev can wax poetic about the sights, sounds, and tastes experienced in his worldwide travels – from Middle East’s vibrant culture to India’s flavorful cuisine.

When he’s back home, you can find Sanjeev indulging in India’s finest dishes, passionately discussing cricket stats, and diving into history books. He loves imagining how the innovations of the past will shape the technology of the future.

Sanjeev offers a unique blend of wisdom gathered through diverse experiences, relentless curiosity, and youthful excitement. His energy is as boundless as his fascination with people, cultures, food, and progress around the world.

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