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NCG's Global Professional Services

Lower risk and accelerate outcomes with NCG’s full lifecycle IT services. Our experts guide strategy, deliver solutions, and enable your success.

Payroll and invoicing Compliance

Compliance management

Staff Augmentation

Contract and temporary talent

Managed IT Services

Flexible team scaling

Flexible IT Staffing Models


Unlock Success with our In-Demand IT Talent Pool!


Full-Stack Developers

UI/UX Developers

Data Engineers

Test/QA Engineers


RPA Engineers

RPA QA Engineers

LeanOps Specialists

Business Process Engineers


Solution Architects

Cloud and Software Architects

UI/UX Designers

Ecommerce SMEs


Cloud Engineers

Infrastructure Engineers

DevOps Engineers

Azure Enginners

Time and Material.

NCG provides companies with highly-qualified professionals from our globally sourced talent pool.

With NCG's staffing services, augment your workforce with prime talent that accelerates your most important initiatives. Our experts integrate quickly to deliver meaningful contributions from day one.

Cost Effective

High-Quality on-demand

Result Oriented Experts

Minimize Growth Costs and Turnover with NCG

In today's dynamic tech landscape, relying solely on in-house talent isn't enough. On-demand IT staffing with NCG isn't just about cost savings; it's about unleashing innovation and growth potential.

So, why Managed and Professional Services from NCG?

Agility and faster time to market

Scalability to scale up or down to meet demand

Reliability leveraging managed services or on demand, instead of maintaining your own

Acquire and Retain Top Technical Talent Rapidly with NCG

Unlock IT Potential with NCG's Experts

Empowering Success with Curated Talent

  • • Vendor-specific Expertise
  • • Industry-Recognized Certifications
  • • Minimum 3 Years Experience
  • • Methodological Proficiency
  • • Cutting-Edge Skills

Drive Results with NCG's Tech Experts


Streamlined IT Recruitment for Success

  • • Tailored Job Descriptions
  • • Leadership Involvement in Vetting
  • • Thorough Background Checks
  • • Customized Involvement
  • • Skillset Gap Solutions

Swift Access to the 1% IT Talent

Empower Your Team, Accelerate Success

  • • Rapid Delivery of Qualified Candidates
  • • 24/7 IT and IS Support
  • • Diverse Skillsets Available
  • • Scalable Solutions
  • • Comprehensive Skill Range

Flexible IT Staffing Solutions

Tailoring Contracting to Your Preferences

Ramya V - DGM

Say hi to Ramya!

With her trademark blend of discipline and fun, Ramya takes on massive projects without breaking a sweat.

She leverages extensive experience managing complex IT services implementations to steer enterprise initiatives to success.

Outside of work, you can find Ramya indulging in her favorite snacks while binge-watching the latest shows.

She always has a recommendation ready for the best new series or foodie hotspot.

Ramya balances methodical project rigor with an adventuresome spirit seeking out new experiences. Her care for people infuses warmth into her leadership style. With a skill for bringing people together and passion for achieving the extraordinary, Ramya motivates teams to perform at their peak. When she sets her sights on a goal, consider it done.

Clients value Ramya’s commitment to their success and partners admire her spirit. We’re delighted to have her energy propelling projects forward and brightening up the office.

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