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Servers, Storage, Networking, Virtualization software, Services and management tools.

Cloud & Infrastructure Services (CIS)

Transform Your IT Spending from CapEx to OpEx

What we do

Cloud Strategy Consulting
Cloud Integration & Migration
Data Center Migration
Data Center Modernization
Enterprise IT Infrastructure Services
Enterprise Storage & Data Protection
Harness the Business Potential of Cloud

Cloud Strategy Consulting

Migrating to the cloud is more than just a technical transition - it's a opportunity to equip your business for the future through enhanced agility, innovation and savings.

Identify the optimal cloud strategies for your unique business needs.
Migrate and integrate your systems and data to the cloud in a secure, seamless manner.
Transform your processes to take advantage of cloud benefits like rapid scalability, pay-as-you-go billing, and ubiquitous access.
Realize tangible business results such as faster time-to-market for products
Enable innovation and future growth by leveraging the flexibility and almost limitless capabilities of the cloud.
Cloud Success Through Expert Evaluation and Integration

Cloud Integration & Migration

Transitioning to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. Our certified architects work closely with you to:

Thoroughly evaluate your current IT environments and business needs.
Cloud use cases such as application modernization, data analytics, storage optimization
Design the optimal cloud architecture that aligns to your workloads, integrates with existing systems
Develop a robust cloud migration and implementation strategy customized for your environment
Provide ongoing management of your hybrid on-premise and cloud ecosystem.
Cloud Infrastructure Services

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Expert-Led, Automation-Enabled Cloud Success

Our Certified Cloud Practitioners guide you end-to-end, from planning to execution, leveraging proven experience enabling cloud transformations.

Cloud engineering DNA

Our technical talent enables us to:
1) Migrate and modernize products to cloud-native architectures
2) Engineer innovative cloud-based offerings
3) Assist cloud providers in launching new services

Powering Cloud & Infra Success Through Partnerships

At NCG, we cultivate extensive partnerships to enable 360-degree success:

1) Training, engineering and implementation partner for public cloud providers
2) Certification and integration partner for cloud software/platform developers
3) Close collaboration with open source communities

FAQs on NCG's Cloud & Infrastructure Services

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