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Pioneering with Passion since 1997

Our Story: Pioneering with Passion since 1998

The beginning

NCG began its journey in 1997 with a small team driven by huge dreams. Nearly three decades later, our passion, pioneering spirit and purpose remains unchanged. We're just getting started!

Our Culture: Where Changemakers Thrive

Our Purpose: Engineering the Future

Our Community: Growing Stronger Together

Our People: Dreamers, Doers and Trailblazers

Say hi to Sunil, CEO – NCG

Greetings! Meet Sunil, the CEO of NCG, steering us into the future with contagious optimism and cool-headed leadership. Under his guidance, 1,800+ innovators continuously raise the bar.

Sunil has forged an organization anchored in trust, transparency, and tenacity, attracting over 24,000 proud alumni. As the son of an army officer, he leads with discipline and purpose, inspiring teams to achieve ambitious goals that uplift communities.

Beyond envisioning NCG’s future, Sunil enjoys food, family, and nation. With 26+ years of experience, he balances progress with humility.

Maintaining an open door for fresh ideas, Sunil believes in empowering people to turn dreams into reality. Under his mentorship, the NCG family grows stronger, guided by compassion and courage.

Join us as we engineer the future together with commitment and determination.

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NCG Is All About That ISO Life

ISO 9001:2015

At NCG, we take our ISO 9001:2015 certification very seriously. ISO helps keep us organized and compliant from head to toe.

Our quality management system is on point thanks to ISO's guidelines. Everything's super standardized - from hiring and training to serving clients.
We've got all the procedures and processes mapped out to a T. And don't even get us started on the documentation! You can find a policy for just about anything.
Plus, when it comes to assessing performance and improving, ISO's given us a sweet framework. Monthly audits help us stay in tip top shape.
So if you're all about structure, documentation, and high standards, NCG and our ISO ways are for you! Even if you're not, buckle up buttercup. ISO is here to stay!
That's Not All, We're ISO 27001 Too!

ISO 27001

At NCG, we take data security seriously and implement rigorous info security controls, risk assessments, and policies to maintain our ISO 27001 certification.

When it comes to information security management, we take that just as seriously. Data protection is no joke around here!
From access controls to encryption, we've implemented rigorous security measures. NCG's info is on total lockdown.
Regular risk assessments and audits confirm our systems are tight. And with strong policies in place, we stay compliant.
So at NCG, we keep it secure with ISO 27001. When two ISO certifications unite, compliance becomes outta sight!

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

As an RBA member, we're all about ethics, labor, health, safety, and environmental sustainability. It's our duty to the world!

We monitor working conditions and treat employees right. No crazy overtime or unfair pay around here.

The environment is important too. We reduce waste, conserve energy, and keep our carbon footprint in check.

Regular RBA audits make sure we walk the talk. Our policies and actions align with their righteous code of conduct.