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Our global leadership team combines strategic vision, business insights and technology expertise with 23,000+ tech team alumni globally.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Board Members

Leadership Team

  • Sunil Bist

    MD & CEO

  • Neeladri Bose

    CTO and Director

  • Dhruv Parekh

    Executive Director

  • Anjana Halder

    Head Business Development & BU Head

  • Lata Chemudupati

    Leader - HR & People Practices

  • Isha Agrawal

    Finance Head

  • Faisal Khan

    Senior VP and Business Head

  • Bijoy Das

    SBU Head

  • DNS Bhakuni

    VP- Procurement & Operations

Sunil Bist


Sunil Bist is the MD and CEO of NetConnectGlobal.

As a young leader and entrepreneur, under his supervision NCG, today is the preferred partner to our customers. Sunil’s dynamic leadership and go-to-market strategy has helped NCG grow multifold and emerge as an industry leader in technology services.

Driven by Sunil’s vision of improved services, NCG today is designing and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that impact the industry and businesses.

With over 25 years of leadership experience, Sunil focuses on identifying strategic opportunities to build and grow businesses. With his guidance, the Organisation and the practice have received several awards and rankings from leading industry analysts.

A sports enthusiast and a believer in people, Sunil spends leisure time mentoring and developing people and ideas.


Neeladri Bose

CTO and Director

Neeladri Bose is the CTO and Director of NetConnect Global

Neeladri has over 30+ years of experience in General Management, Operations Management, Sales Management, Consulting, and Program Management & Services Delivery across organizations globally.

He is a results-oriented business leader who works with and optimizes the Operational processes, fixes the gaps for a performance-oriented organization, and is a very effective rainmaker working at the Board and CxO layer of clients connects deeply with the Operational layer of the client’s organization.

He also maintains firm operational control to run the business operations of his organization.

He is currently assisting customers in making the Transformational Digital Strategy migration through their planning & deployment of Digitization of the organization using his company’s multiple SaaS platforms, which have been architected, designed, and built up by teams working for him and also uses software, tools, practices & H.R. principles to deliver quantifiable business outcomes.

He has extensive experience in general management, sales & delivery both in India and Globally. He holds the responsibility for the entire life cycle of the contracts his teams secure, from the sale right through to project implementation and operation. His approach to business is one of a fact-driven management process augmented by a values-based leadership style.

Neeladri has had a long stint leading fortune 500 companies like TATA communication, Cisco Systems, Capgemini, and Sun Microsystems.

Dhruv Parekh

Executive Director

Dhruv is the Executive Director of NetConnectGlobal

Dhruv has over 35+ years of experience in the I.T. services industry. His crucial expertise focuses on the I.T. consulting and Technology Outsourcing space from Business Acquisition to Service Delivery Management of Outsourced accounts, Infrastructure Management, Business Development and Engagements, Multi-LOB opportunities, Software Engineering Methodologies, and Delivery Quality Management.

He has managed projects in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong besides working in India for domestic and remote delivery setups.

Dhruv also mentors Everwise, a platform that connects employees with the people, resources, and feedback they need to be more successful at every stage of their career. He also served as a Consultant for ANZ in the space of Information Service Transformation.

Anjana Halder

Head Business Development & BU Head

Anjana Halder is the Head Business Development of NetConnect Global

Anjana has over 20+ years of Leadership experience in Sales and Operations. With a 360-degree view of IT services, she has managed large clients in IT, Telecom, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Aviation, and Healthcare.

As one of the Organisation’s first employees, she was instrumental in acquiring clients, retention, and growth since the company’s inception. Anjana started her journey with two customers, and today, as Head of Sales, she has the business ownership of over 50 client relationships.

Before NetConnect, she was part of the start-up team at Usha Martin Telekom (Hutchinson Max Telecom Limited), focusing on customer engagement. Coming from an Economics background, Anjana is an avid traveler, a musician, and loves to cook traditional Indian cuisine.

Lata Chemudupati

Leader - HR & People Practices

Lata Chemudupati is the AVP-HR of NetConnectGlobal

Lata has worked in Technology, and ITES enabled companies spanning Business Partner functions, H.R. operations, to Organizational Developmental Strategies for over 15+ Years. Lata takes care of the H.R. Function, which has HRBP, Ops, and Compliance under its umbrella. Her previous work was in HCL Technologies, ANZ-IT, and GECIS.

Lata has been instrumental in getting various HRIS modules built to be a central data repository assisting the Leadership with real-time data and analysis. She played a significant role in implementing H.R. Practice by revamping the Organization through Automation, Structured Processes, Workflow and Policies, and its Implementation to enhance Employee Belongingness, Satisfaction, and Accuracy Data. She is also responsible for Introducing automation through an In-house-ERP Tool called 360.

Lata is a natural coach/mentor and facilitator at heart with a philosophy of life-long learning, a high sense of ownership and, devotion to developing inspiring employee experiences. Highly effective at simplifying issues, diffusing charged situations, and offering solutions to scenarios that allow the leader to understand potential implications, ultimately resolving issues.

Isha Agrawal

Finance Head

Isha Agrawal is the AVP – Finance of NetConnect Global

Isha is a young talented Chartered Accountant who has also completed the CFA course from CFA Institute, USA. Currently, she heads the Finance and Accounts department at NCG. She strictly follows the mantra of consistent learning and believes that life is a journey, and constant growth along the way has been her success, mantra.

Isha holds extensive experience in the finance domain in manufacturing MNC’s in India and Europe, including Vedanta Limited and Cuncio Resources PLC. She has headed the Finance Marketing function of Cunico Group and was instrumental in Sales Finance transitioning within the group.

Isha has a keen interest in the capital markets and their offerings and was part of Unilever Global treasury team for Treasury Reporting and Risk Management before joining NCG. Being a fitness enthusiast, Isha takes time each day out of her busy schedule for yoga or recreational cardio.

Faisal Khan

Senior VP and Business Head

Faisal Khan is the Senior Vice President and Business Head of NetConnect Global

Faisal is the Senior Vice President and Business Unit Head for NetConnect Global, prior to NetConnect, he was working with Morgan Stanley as Head of Corporate Services and the Site Leader for Bangalore. Before that, he was the Head of Transitions for UBS in India.
​Faisal has extensive offshoring/outsourcing industry experience, working in various roles from Governance and Risk, Program Management, Operations, to Client and Vendor management in the Banking and financial services (BFSI) and IT shared services,  working with Organizations like Amazon, TCS, GE Capital, and American Express.
​In his 20 plus years of experience, he has shown utmost mobility and has worked in various cities within India as well as global locations like the US and Mexico.


Bijoy Das

SBU Head

Bijoy Das is the SBU Head of NetConnect Global.

He has 22+ years of rich experience in Staff Augmentation, Managed Services/ODC, Strategic Planning, Training & Development, Corporate Sales & Marketing, Brand Management, and Business Development. A strategic decision-maker, he judiciously employs industry awareness to build strategies that preserve market share and satisfy customer needs. He has played a pivotal role in establishing the IT/managed services business for many large-scale organizations.

His significant achievements include receiving the Best Business Award on Business achievement at Adecco, Quess, and NIIT Ltd. As An effective communicator, coach & team leader with strong analytical & problem-solving abilities, Bijoy is skilful in charting sales & Operation strategies to seamlessly enhance business volumes & growth.

DNS Bhakuni

VP- Procurement & Operations

DNS Bhakuni is the Vice President – Service Delivery of NetConnect Global

Bhakuni has 33+ years of vast exposure in quality, process engineering, product audit, and TQM in the manufacturing & service industry. He is also a certified ISO 9000 lead assessor. He has played an active role at NetConnect for more than 11 years and helps drive the Delivery and Talent, Acquisition team with his experience and Leadership.

He has been instrumental throughout his career and has worked with companies like Sysnet Global, Unicorp as General Manager.

His Profile Includes -Client handling, P&L ownership, Pre-sales and solution architect, up-sell & team management.