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Premium Professional Services

Professional Services

We help big businesses and startups align their development and operations to achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market and better software building quality with early identification of emerging issues, always allowing the code to be in a releasable state. 


 Digital transformation is vital for all businesses to remain competitive as the world becomes increasingly digital; We help in improving the performance of businesses for our clients by using digital technologies to change processes, models, business, and organizational activities 

We can support our clients in adopting digital transformation in below technology

Our Focus

Big Data Analytics
Mobility Solutions
AppDev Devops ESM Tools Operation Management
  • Tools (Angular/NodeJS/ReactJS/EXT JS)
  • Full Stack Java 
  • Ansible/Kubernet/Hybernet/JBOSS/Spring/Swing
  • Machine Learning
  • Azure/GCP/AWS
  • Operating Systems
  • Ansible/Kubernet/Hypernet/Openshift
  • Java/Python
  • Ansible/Kubernet/Hybernet/JBOSS/Spring/Swing
  • Confluence/Jenkins/Bamboo/Selenium
  • Android/IOS
  • Nutanix/ HCI
  • User Interface
  • User Experience
  • Service Desk
  • Virtualization
  • Service Now
  • Software Distribution

While it is the responsibility of NetConnect to provide skills to various organizations it is also mandated that people who are deployed for these projects are managed and governed by NetConnect delivery teams. There is a structure which is in place and is followed by delivery stakeholders to ensure there is always sound governance.

To support our delivery organization, we have developed a team of experts for various technologies to provide support from the backend as well as cater to any training needs of employees