What is Identity Access Management and why is it important ?

Identity Access Management

What is Identity Access Management and why is it important?

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a framework, business process, policy and technology that facilitates the management of electronic and digital identities. 

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a business system that defines and defines the roles and access rights of individuals and networks. With an IAM framework, IT managers can control their access to information and digital identities such as passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses and other personal information. Identity Access Management products provide role-based access control that allows system administrators to regulate access to a system or network based on the role of an individual user within the organization. Sources: 0

The primary goal of IAM is to ensure that each user is assigned a single digital identity and has his unique username and password assigned to him. This identity is then assigned roles that allow the user access to the data and applications he or she needs. The primary role of an IAM system is to create roles that everyone has access to and to ensure that a person can only access the resources that he or she has been authorized to use. It then manages role allocation to individuals and ensures that individuals can only access the resources they have authorized for their use, such as credit card numbers, email addresses, passwords and other personal information. Sources: 2

Identity management (ID management) is the process of identifying, authenticating and authorizing people or groups of people who have access to applications, systems and networks without the user rights and restrictions associated with an established identity. IDMs cover the basics of identifying users and the technologies that support this protection. Sources: 5

Identity Access Management (IAM), also called identity management, refers to the management of digital identities. Identity management involves the process of providing identity, accessing resources and implementing certain measures. Identity Management (IDM) is the task of controlling the information on a user’s computer. Sources: 5, 7

The IAM system has many uses, but in a company, it controls who has access rights and who does not. Instead of having a single digital identity, a person or user can have many different accounts representing him or her. The system automates and manages network and user data records and controls access to the user’s computer. Sources: 1, 7

This comprehensive framework enables the IAM to determine the level of access rights granted by an appropriate interpretation of the access policies and the appropriate use of these privileges by users. Sources: 1

IAM – compliant technology also ensures that individuals and services are appropriately authorized, monitored, authenticated and regularly reviewed by the IAM and other third party providers. 

The IAM does this by electronically managing and defining the organizational policy that will govern the use of identities and access management systems such as identity management and identity authentication. The network of users of the I AM system is the customer, which means that the company needs a framework for the identity management of its customers. This includes the employees, in this case, the system must be integrated into the identity management of the employees. Sources: 1

The challenge for the organization is to go beyond mere passwords and cover all aspects of identity and access control, and this is where the IAM comes in. This stems from the idea that it is necessary to ensure that one and only digital identity is one of the network users. Sources: 1, 4

Identity Access Management encompasses all processes and technologies that enable authorized users to ensure secure access to the systems, applications and data they need, at any time and on any device. That’s why the cloud is seen as an access to everything that can be done with it, including the cloud as the entire IT infrastructure, as long as there is an appropriate relationship with the organization and understanding where there are security and non-compliance risks associated with user access, “he says. Sources: 4

Enterprise Identity Management also provides an opportunity to automatically streamline the process of boarding users for their user access to systems and applications as the relationship changes over time. Cloud-based IDEAas provide identity access management functionality for all enterprise systems, whether they are in premises or in the cloud. Sources: 4, 6

Similar to access management, the term refers to the process of maintaining and actualizing a digital identity. Identity lifecycle management involves the creation, maintenance and updating of digital identities and the management of access to those identities. Sources: 6

Software systems that organize and make information in directories accessible, ensuring that it contains consistent data for a specific digital ID, and ensuring the security of the directory and its contents. Sources: 3, 6

This allows companies to identify access risks and ensure that access complies with their policies. Introduce a life-cycle process that enables identity business owners to obtain comprehensive governance rights in relation to requests for identity access. Federation, also known as Federal Identity Management, is a technical implementation that allows identifying information to be developed and shared across multiple entities in a trusted area. 

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