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Ops360 – Workforce Management Platform

OPS360 - NCG Workforce Management Solution

Ops360 is an end to end total workforce management solution that helps you manage a complete resource lifecycle from vendor management. Manage project budgeting, resource requisition tracking, HRIS, invoicing, and much more with custom dashboards for each business user with key business intelligence.

Workforce Management (WFM) is an integrated set of processes that a company uses to optimize the productivity of its employees and it should mainly consist of five main pillars I.e. Procurement, Recruitment, Human Resource, Operation and finance
It involves monitoring supply status and current inventory, recruitment process lifecycle, resource allocation and utilization, invoicing process and approvals
Forecasting labor requirements effectively and creating and managing staff schedules to accomplish a task on a day to day and hour to hour basis and analytics
Challenges Procurement Recruitment Human Resource Operations Finance
  • Too many requests over too many verticals
    Is your team overwhelmed with requests that span several different job types and skill sets?

  • No end to end Solutions
    The current Workforce Management Solution software available in the market only offer limited solution for one or more segment and does not cover all the critical verticals.

  • Time Sheet and Attendance Tracking Manual time and attendance tracking are very open to inaccuracies.

  • Contractor retention on timeline-based projects
    While staffing for a project on a tight timeline, there isn’t much room left for any of your contractors to leave the project. It requires more time to find and train someone new.

  • On-boarding and compliance
    When on-boarding contractors, it is imperative to classify them correctly. Companies are often fined for misclassifying independent contractors.

  • Managing rising costs of labor Adoption of workforce management solutions in countries with quickly rising costs of labor.
  • Vendor Program Vendor On-boarding, Complete Performance Management, Day to day Tracking, Vendor Invoicing & Payment and Reverse Invoicing for Projects.

  • Deploy and Re-deploy
    Deployment process of Contingent workforce, Project allocation, Partner Skill Inventory, Internal Skill Pool availability, Assignment Change Process and Exit Management.

  • Score
    Get Vendor Scorecard and clear visibility in terms of Sourcing, Interview Process & Scheduling, Offer, BGV, Resource On-boarding, Assignment and Exit. Demand Library Track entire organization demand through the tool.

  • Plan Skill Pool Complete visibility of skill pool across projects & Geo's, Plan & Design next Project fulfillment based on tool audit data,3-way communication between Client, VM Team and Vendor.

  • Data Record
    Manage Entire Contract workforce historic data, SOW & Contracts Repository, Contractors work utilization and time-sheet.

  • Reports
    Ops360 provides standard and Customized reports for all your processes and sub processes for Contract Workforce.
  • Platform
    Ops360 provides complete Recruitment Process life-cycle platform for Permanent and Contract Work Force.

  • Stakeholder Connect Connects & Tracks 3 main stakeholders, Hiring Manager, Recruitment Team and Vendors.

  • Scheduling
    Based on JD, the tool sorts profiles, Multiple Round of Interview Scheduling
    is done through the tool.

  • TAT and Feedback Entire feedback mechanism including final round select/ reject is captured, Email notification to 2 main stakeholders, Stakeholders performance measured based on TAT and Technical feedback is stored at Candidate level.

  • Goal Setting
    Offer generation, Approvals, Employee On-boarding and performance Goal Setting is managed with Optimum Utilization tracking.

  • Performance Report Vendor Performance tracking, Standard and Customized Reports to track, enhance Internal and Vendor Performance.
  • Ops360 is the Golden Source of Information/ data for all employees / Contractors irrespective of the mode of hiring.

  • Project and Cost allocation of resources as per Cost Center/ Business Unit/ Group Function.

  • Manage & Map entire skill Inventory for the Organization.

  • Map complete employee and Contractor Life-cycle starting from BGV till Exit Process.

  • Historic Information and Redeployment Process.

  • Customized MIS.
  • Resource Performance cycle for
    Permanent, PS Contractors, MS Contractors and third Party.

  • Cost Construct
    Project wise Budgeting, Managing PO & PO utilization, Manage Project Spend and Map every Cost Centre.

  • Data
    With complete Project Data can plan better resource utilization and redeployment, With Vendor Tracking and Performance Data, have a predictable Project Outcome.

  • Attendance
    Timesheet Entry, Tracking, Approval and Invoicing.
  • Vendor Invoicing, Approval and Payment Process management, Reverse Invoicing to minimize time Expense and Service Invoice tracking.

  • Cost Center/ Business Unit/ Department wise Employee Financial Information.

  • Budgeting and Provisioning, Headcount Reporting for Permanent and Contract.

  • Management Reporting and Forecasting
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