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Bill360 – Utility Billing Platform

Bill360 - NCG Utility Billing Solution

Bill360 is a SaaS based end to end billing and invoicing solution for utilities. It manages complete lifecycle of measuring the consumption of the utility service, generate invoice and present the billing to the consumer.

Fixed as Well as Metered Self Service Client Portal Ratio Billing Systems Meter Reading App Paperless Predictable Billing
  • Cloud-based integrated solutions for meter-based billing even for water with water billing software.
  • A simplified system for water billing, sewer billing, electricity billing and more.
  • Customers can view the desired information through a simple login process.
  • Reduced cost of client management and improved efficiency of the billing process with utility bill generator.
  • Customized utility billing solutions for apartments that have sub-meters installed in them.

  • Simplified solutions for Ratio Billing Systems.

  • Meter reading application development solutions for simplified calculation of monthly bills.

  • Automated system integration of meter reading applications for utility invoice generators.

  • Paperless solutions for customized utility billing requirements. Benefit from cost savings of online invoice automation.

  • Simplified online payment solutions.

  • Our solutions help in finding out the average usage of a consumer and then charge a fixed monthly fee, accordingly.

  • Predictable monthly billing solutions. Integration with existing CRM solutions.

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