Top Recommended WordPress Courses 2022


You can learn WordPress as many resources, like blogs, YouTube videos, and how-to manuals, are accessible. However, will you be able to utilize it and save time by doing so?

What you can always do best instead of learning through those mentioned above is take add-on courses on WordPress training. These programs give you step-by-step instructions and support to get you through the process. For instance, you can ask the course designer if something in the course is unclear to you. Check the best add-on courses below that you can take if you’re a fresher or an experienced developer.

1) WordPress for Beginners (Create a Website Step by Step) – Udemy
2) WordPress for Beginners – (Master WordPress Quickly) Udemy
3) How To Make a Website With WordPress – FreeCodeCamp
4) WordPress Essential Training – LinkedIn Learning
5) WordPress – How To Videos – Create WP Site
6) Managing a WordPress Site – Yoast
7) WordPress Security with Confidence – WPShout
8) How to Use PHP Code Sniffer in WordPress – OSTrainings

There is always something new you can learn, regardless of your level of WordPress experience. While it is feasible to study WordPress on your own, you would be better off spending money on a WordPress training course with a good framework. Do think about enrolling in one of these WordPress courses providers. Long-term, you’ll save a tonne of time and hassle.