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Importance of Safer Internet Day and Tips to Stay Safer Online

Importance of Safer Internet Day and Tips to Stay Safer Online

Importance of Safer Internet Day and Tips to Stay Safer Online

People use the Internet everywhere for personal, professional, and educational purposes. For example, before they can communicate, kids learn how to use a touch screen, and as they become older, they have access to various games, social media, and educational resources. But as the Internet becomes more commonplace, so do security issues and online attacks. These dangers prompted the creation of Safer Internet Day, a movement to inspire everyone—from children to parents to educators—to contribute to building a better internet. 

Safer Internet Day aims to build a better, safer internet that everyone can use responsibly without worrying about their personal information being compromised. February 8 is observed as Safer Internet Day throughout the world. Safer Internet Day 2023 aims to motivate people to strive towards making the Internet safer. The theme for 2023 has been announced as “Together for a better Internet.” 

The Internet has an impact on both the public and private aspects of human life, in addition to serving as a means of communication. However, the accessibility of the Internet has also made it easier for several concerns, including malware, phishing, cyberbullying, and threats to personal data. Every year, Safer Internet Day is observed to raise awareness of the need for a safer internet everywhere. A better internet is the topic for students, young adults, and seniors this year.

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Safer Internet Day is marked in what ways?

On February 8, 2023, the twenty-first Safer Internet Day will be observed. More than 15 countries are working together to make the Internet safer today. Online bullying, ID trolling, internet privacy, social networking sites, and other issues are just a few that need attention.

Many companies are putting their efforts into raising customer knowledge of internet safety. In addition, businesses conduct a substantial portion of their work online using platforms, including messaging apps, discussion forums, trade networks, and others. Other companies may engage employees from within the organization to spread knowledge about security, phishing, and other general services to protect the company and its employees.

Together, We Can Build a Better Internet

Better internet service starts at your front door. Although hackers are becoming more intelligent, everyone has access to basic security measures, and small changes can significantly impact immediately and over time. If you haven’t yet taken any of these steps, start here:

  • You should set up stronger passwords and multi-factor authentication.
  • At regular intervals, make a backup of all sensitive data, crucial files, and critical projects.
  • Utilize antivirus software and ensure it is updated with the most recent definitions.
  • Use a Wi-Fi network that is hidden, encrypted, and secure.
  • Update your operating system and software programmes.
  • Avoid opening emails with suspicious-looking attachments.

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Why is Safer Internet Day Observed?

Over 50,000 links containing child sex abuse material were discovered on the Internet, according to the Internet Watch Foundation, and 1 in 3 kids had experienced cyberbullying, according to another report. These figures demonstrate that children are at risk from digital technology. As a result, an initiative like Safer Internet Day was launched to address these problems and make the Internet a rich, welcoming, and healthy environment for children and adults. Safer Internet Day was initially established as part of the EU’s “Better Internet for Kids” programme, which strives to increase higher-quality content for kids and teenagers.

Tips to Stay Safer Online

Here are some tips you may use to maintain internet safety in addition to commemorating Safer Internet Day.

  • Run a security check on Google: To strengthen your account, complete the 2-minute security assessment.
  • Use strong passwords that contain alphanumeric and special characters to ensure password security. Weak passwords like name, 123456, and phone numbers might be guessed, endangering your safety. Additionally, two-factor authentication can keep your accounts safe.
  • Installing random programmes without first verifying their dependability is one of the most frequent blunders that impair internet security, even though downloading apps may seem harmless. Smartphones contain private and sensitive information that could be exploited.
  • Enhancing security measures Potential cyberattacks can be stopped, and sensitive data utilized by downloading firewalls and antivirus software and then updating them. Review the apps you and your family use and discuss any usage-related safety concerns.’
  • Use reliable antivirus software and other security features like parental controls to protect your devices from attacks.
  • Utilize VPN technology to increase security and achieve online anonymity when using public networks.
  • Promote the usage of multi-factor authentication (MFA) to assist in adding additional security levels.
  • Promote the installation of software updates to keep equipment current.
  • Make sure that secure website are used while making online purchases. Cybercriminals frequently target e-commerce sites.

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Being online makes you vulnerable to many cyber risks, including data breaches and social engineering attempts. However, we can make the Internet more secure for everyone by taking the proper precautions and adhering to basic best practices. While there are many threats on the Internet, it’s crucial to be aware of them and use cybersecurity tools to combat them. However, there is also a lot of positive content available online. So accept everything:

  • Online learning chances.
  • Programmes that make life easier.
  • Social networking sites connect us to our loved ones.

Keep these internet safety suggestions in mind to guarantee that all of us are safe online.

Happy Safer Internet Day!