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How to Make a Good First Impression? 

How to Make a Good First Impression? 

How to Make a Good First Impression? 

The earliest inhabitants of this planet were primarily nonverbal beings without a common tongue. As a result, individuals were forced to make snap decisions about strangers’ intentions based simply on their body language. 

These instincts still exist in us now despite the development of language after all these years. That is supported by science, which has shown that people decide about a stranger within seven seconds based on their body language. 

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Think about how that might affect business. For example, a person can tell by body language whether you are strong or weak, interested or uninterested, a friend or an enemy within the first seven seconds of meeting you. That will undoubtedly harm your ability to gain support from upper-level management, close a deal, or even establish new friends. 

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Therefore, what should you do to leave a positive impression? 

Ways to Make a Positive First Impression 

These rules can help you make a positive impression on everyone you encounter by showing them that you are friendly and confident.  

1) Manage your attitude 

Your body language will ultimately convey your mindset, according to Goman. Decide what attitude you want to project before meeting someone for the first time, and your body language will reflect that. 

2) Smile in a particular way 

Our brain is hardwired to react when we see someone smiling. So when meeting someone for the first time, Goman advised smiling in a particular style since it will make them like you right away: When you first enter the room, smile modestly, then when you turn to face the person, smile broadly. 

3) Make eye contact 

One approach to convey openness and enthusiasm is to maintain intense eye contact. Goman advised paying attention to the colour of someone’s eyes when you first meet them to establish the appropriate amount of eye contact. 

4) Maintain a proper posture 

The way you carry yourself affects how other people see you. Goman advises using one exercise to perfect your posture: raise your shoulders near your ears, roll them back, and lower them. You will then be able to stand up straight, hold your head high, and keep your shoulders around. 

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If you follow these easy steps, everyone you encounter will have a positive first impression of you, which is a great way to start any conversation.