How To Avoid Digital Transformation Failure

While most of the company’s executives know how important it is to create digital processes and solutions, putting them into practice is another matter. It is important to note that if a company fails in its initial digital transformation efforts, it may not be able to make the adjustments to be successful in the future. Missing digital transformations do not mean the end for the company, but it can be an important source of lost money, resources, time and credibility. Understanding what went wrong at the following three companies can provide guidelines for things to avoid and point the future of digital transformation in the right direction. Sources: 0

Digital transformation (DT) is probably an overused term at this point. Virtually every Forbes Global 2000 company is on a kind of digital transformation journey, as industry experts have recognized. But that does not mean that this is the best way to succeed in business in the future. For many companies, it is frightening and dangerous to pursue such a strategy. In addition to correcting existing product strategies and roadmaps, eliminating or replacing existing systems, working with third-party vendors, and adopting a low-risk mentality, many other factors contribute to a failed or incomplete transformation initiative. Sources: 7
In this post, we will explore why user acceptance belies the greatest challenge of digital transformation, the proven ways to inspire them, and the pitfalls of attracting people to shop. The message is clear: digital transformations are destroying much of the traditional business model in the US, making it even more important for companies to master digital transformations in order to be competitive. But the human side of adopting new technologies is often neglected in efforts to drive effective digital transformation in organizations. One reason 70% of transformations fail is the lack of user adaptations and behavioral changes. Sources: 9
Avoiding these errors in your digital transformation program will help your business enjoy the plethora of benefits associated with the digital push. A key point about digital transformations is that there is no “good” or “bad” business model for digital business transformation. According to a recent report by the Digital Transformation Institute, 78% of companies fail to implement digital initiatives. Sources: 2
The only way to sustain the necessary cultural change is to adopt a mindset that strives for transformational opportunities over a defined period of time. Treating digitization as a one-off project derails your digital strategy before you even start. One of the first and most common mistakes in digital transformation is to treat it as a project. As a result, companies often bring a Chief Digital Officer (or a variant of that title) on board to give the transformation process the right mix of people and tools to meet its needs. Sources: 6
A common misconception, which should be clarified in advance of the strategy discussion, is that digital transformation is not just about using the latest and best technology. While accelerated innovation can produce great ideas and MVPs, it does not receive the broad attention it should receive when aligned with your company’s overall digital transformation strategy. A digital transformation strategy should evaluate and understand how to improve in order to maintain and expand your customer base. This strategy will affect your business model, so it also needs to be evaluated and understood as part of the discussion in order to understand the business models and their development during the transformation. Sources: 5
While the above lessons do not provide a unified approach to minimizing digital transformation failures, they provide a guide and shed light on some of the most common mistakes companies make. Understanding these lessons will make your business more resilient and successful in the long run. In order to successfully implement a digital transformation program, you need to start taking steps toward continuous improvement and innovation as you read more. Sources: 3
“Digital transformation is only about a strategy that can bring about significant change for the company as a whole. If a company initiates a probable revision of its processes but does not clearly recognize what success looks like, management prepares the company for failure. A different approach to digital transformation, which aims to develop a mixed and coherent strategy, falls short of the challenges of the digital age. What are the most common mistakes in avoiding failure in the digital transition? Sources: 1
Digital transformation sometimes seems like an obvious solution, but it doesn’t mean going into yourself without knowing what you want to achieve and why. Without a clear goal, before the project even begins, it is doomed to failure. While almost 80% of organizations are undergoing significant change using disruptive technologies, only around 25% of programs are delivering tangible benefits.          Sources: 8
When it comes to digital transformation, the “why” is pretty obvious. It can give you a competitive advantage by enabling you to reduce costs while optimizing your business performance. However, most companies are still struggling to figure out what should change in order to get the benefits and how to do this. 
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