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How Long You Should Wait Before You Switch Jobs? 


The time one spends at an organization is subjective and depends on various things. There is no perfect time that would be suitable for everyone to wait before switching jobs. If the organization and its offering help you in fulfilling your professional aspirations, it’s better to make use of this opportunity and stay at the job for a long time before hopping on to the next opportunity. On the contrary, if there’s little to no scope of growth in the organization, it’s advisable to move on to a better opportunity as soon as possible. Another prevalent trend is for people to stay at MNCs longer than they do at start-ups. Also, younger employees are quicker to switch jobs while the older employees prefer to continue with the same organizations for a long tenure. Thus, while it would be wise to wait for two to three years before switching jobs, it’s absolutely fine to do so before the said duration if necessary.

How often should one change a job?

It is usually advised to stay at a job for a minimum of two years. This is because a two-plus years tenure shows that you’ve had enough time to learn new skills and build qualifications and also indicates that you value growth in your career. However, there is no hard and fast rule that states that you must wait two years at a job that drains you physically and mentally or one that has no scope of growth for you. Career hopping historically has a stigma attached to it of the employee being unreliable. This can be seen changing in the current scenario as employers do understand that there are many factors that make employees switch jobs. Things like promotion opportunities, company culture, skills training, and work-life balance, all lead to the employees’ decision of changing jobs. Having a short tenure in your previous employment does not necessarily have to hamper your future employments because nowadays employers realize that employees might want to switch jobs owing to mental or physical health at risk, dissatisfaction with roles and responsibilities, career growth, unsuitable company culture, etc. Thus, while it is advised to stay at a job for a minimum of two years, it’s okay to switch jobs before that provided the reasons are sound. 


Why 2021 Is India’s Best Ever Year for Tech?

Technology has seen exponential growth in India in the last decade and it continues with the onset of a new one. Many traditional sectors are now depending on IT for support and the increase in demand for IT can be seen across different cities in terms of hiring talent for IT functions, investment in IT software, software services, etc. There’s an increased investment in digital public infrastructure. India is also splendidly catering to the increased global tech demands as a lot of the leading organizations turn to India for outsourcing. A rapid shift towards digitalization in enterprise processes as well as brought about by the pandemic during 2020-2021 has supported the tech industry. This might lead to the conclusion that 2021 is the best year for tech but only the coming years will more clearly state the path forward for tech in India.

What is the future of technology in India?

It is a fact that the growth of technology and the IT sector, in particular, was considered to be slow in India but today the Indian software industry is being recognized as one of the most successful in the world today. India is one of the largest digital hubs in the world. India is now keeping up with the rest of the world in terms of the technological advancements happening day and night. It will be safe to say that the future of technology in India will be dominated by various IT advancements. Internet of Things, for example, will be a leading IT development. India will witness a complete digital transformation in small and medium enterprises in their business models, catching up to the digitalized large enterprises. Sensors incorporated on machinery, equipment, heating units, security systems, and pretty much everything will be a common sight – and IoT will play a significant role in this. Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while but has gained popularity in India only in the past decade. With passive operational power and storage, AI can transform business strategies like no other. Self-driving cars, robotics, new teaching methods, and even personalized medicines, and India will be ready for this revolution not far into the future. Another IT revolution waiting to take over is Augmented Reality. In the future, Augmented Reality will find its application in education, art, architecture, military, and navigation, etc. India is now one of the digital hubs of the world and the future of technology in India looks brighter than ever. 

Is India good in information technology?

India has shown tremendous growth in Information Technology in the recent few decades. Every year, over 1.5 million engineers enter the workforce. This implies some of the best tech talents in the industry are in India.  India is also the leading sourcing destination in the world. Over 55% of the market share of the US sourcing business can be traced to India. With over 1,000 global delivery centers across 80 countries, India is also the digital hub of the world. Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of Asia, is in India. It is home to multinational software companies, hundreds of start-ups, and tech companies that implement the latest technologies to deliver new products to the market. This is sufficient to say that India is good in Information technology. 

What is the future of IT services in India?

The future of Indian IT services companies looks good considering the current trends. If the IT services are able to align themselves with global demands, this sector will be able to exploit its potential. IT services have started exploring all the benefits of IT advancements from automation to digital domination. These services are able to control the costs and produce quality in the best way possible and that in itself looks like a promising future for Indian IT services. 

IS IT sector booming in India?

Yes, the IT sector is booming in India. Along with growing in market size, the IT sector is also incrementally adding a significant share to India’s GDP. The Indian IT sector is enjoying a lot of projects in banking, consumer electronics, automobile, infrastructure, etc. This increase in the number of IT projects has led to an increase in employment in the IT sector. This implies that the Indian IT sector is growing as well as contributing to economic growth. IT sector is supporting all other major sectors in India and the growth trajectory of this sector since the economic reform is marvelous, to say the least, and it seems to be going only upwards.