Five Habits to Improve Your Happiness at Work Day

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Five Habits to Improve Your Happiness at Work Day

Five Habits to Improve Your Happiness at Work Day

Sometimes at work, we’re in a groove. We’re on task, working hard, and perhaps even enjoying our work. But let’s be honest, that kind of day doesn’t happen every day.

How can you have more days at work that inspire you rather than drain you? Try some of these fast fixes for happiness on a workday.

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1) Start your day right

The prospect of figuring out their mission intimidates a lot of people. Finding and pursuing your mission, though, can be easy. Start basic and straightforward by deciding each morning which key value you wish to live out that day. Is it being kind? Perseverance? Being moral?

This becomes your daily internal compass, directing your work, decisions, and encounters.

2) Get Clear – Improve your listening skills

Connect and engage with your coworkers and your work more if you are a good listener, which can help you produce more outstanding results. Repeating the three words “Cleanse. Quiet. Comprehend” before speaking to someone will help you become a better listener.

Clear your mental palate first. Second, resolve to maintain silence.

Finally, be sure you can understand what you’re hearing. Maintain eye contact, nod your head, ask smart questions, and take notes. These are all indications that you are paying attention.

3) Run better meetings

Depending on how a meeting goes, running one might make you feel more energised or exhausted. To help you hold more productive meetings and feel more confident, remember that every session should end with the question, “Who’ll do what by when?”

By posing this query, you are compelled to define clear next steps, bring everyone on board, and build accountability with each team member.

4) Ask questions – Be accountable

Something going wrong at work is one of the few things that can destroy your day, week, or month.

Practice being personally accountable by responding to the following questions when encountering difficulties or if something goes wrong.

Do I own or do I avoid it?

Am I improving or just making excuses?

Am I being conciliatory or combative?

Am I blaming or being courageous?

5) Find your focus

Try the mental spotlight exercise, a one-minute visualisation exercise, if you’re having trouble focusing. This is how it goes:

  • Turn off alerts, find a quiet place to sit, or use noise-cancelling earbuds if you’re in a crowded area. Then, close your eyes.
  • Imagine being at the narrowest point of the light beam, which is at the top. Imagine riding the light’s downward trajectory while remaining focused on your activity. Then, pull yourself slowly back into the concentrated beam of light if you notice that your focus has wandered.

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Create a little thanksgiving ritual at the end of the day because you’re busy, and it won’t be easy to skip. Connecting it to something you already do is the best way to accomplish this. 

Better yet, spread some good vibes to someone else about your day. According to research, sharing pleasant experiences with others amplifies their beneficial effects and how good you feel about them.

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