Java developer

June 11, 2021
Application ends: August 9, 2021
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Job Description

Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering or related field required

Key Technical Skills:

We are looking for a Java developer with a background of development on the Linux platform. Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills

• Ability to write robust, maintainable code in Java or Python

• Good knowledge of DevOps CI/CD

• Good knowledge of relational or non-relational databases

• Experience in designing/building/maintaining large scale, high performance, distributed systems

• Good knowledge of running systems/applications in a complicated IT environment, comprised by bare metal, VM, and containers.

• Good knowledge of authorization and authentication mechanisms

• Understanding basic knowledge of application security, e.g. OWASP Top 10

Roles & Responsibilities:

You will be part of an emerging, dynamic team which is core to the firm’s application security strategy

• You are bright and have a strong work ethic, with experience working in an agile environment

• You will have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, coupled with excellent development, communication, and organizational skills

• You will work primarily as a platform integration developer, as part of a collaborative, agile platform integration team. Though the work will primarily platform integration, there is plenty of scope to take an active part in the architecture, design, build and implementation of a new cloud security platform

• You will be required to liaise directly with a variety of stakeholders throughout the firm

• You will develop functionality in an iterative fashion, liaising with product owners, engineers, and developers across the technology organization.

• You will be responsible for continuously improving the quality of our technology solutions, through a range of methods including peer review, retrospectives and refactoring as required.

Desired Skills:

Enthusiasm for modern development tools and practices including Git, Jenkins, automated testing and Continuous-Integration/Continuous-Deployment (CI/CD)

• Good knowledge of shell or PowerShell

• Good knowledge of Red Hat or other Linux distributions

• Effective troubleshooting skills across hardware, OS, network and storage

• Experience of platform design, build and deployment, with a focus on continual service improvement

• Experience of working in an Agile environment