Full-Stack Java Developer

June 11, 2021
Application ends: August 9, 2021
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Job Description

Key Technical Skills:

• Strong core Java programming skills (multithreading, asynchronous programming)

• Strong knowledge of Unix/Linux fundamentals • Strong knowledge of data structures, algorithms and design patterns

• 5+ years of experience in back-end development in Java and Spring

• 5+ years of experience in front-end development

• Knowledge of Angular 7 and Material Design

• Comfortable working in both Windows and Linux environments

• Software craftsmanship/agile development practices such as pair programming, TDD/BDD, continuous integration or feature toggles

• Experience building REST APIs using OpenAPI standards

• Experience working with Apache zookeeper

• Experience working with Kerberos-based authentication mechanisms

• Experience developing applications for distributed environments

• Track record of building, delivering and maintaining enterprise level applications

• Ability to create solutions independently

• Good communication skills

• Strong problem solving skills

Desired Skills:

• Data Modelling and Data Analysis skills

• Experience with GC free/lock free programming methodologies is highly preferred

• Knowledge and experience of multi-threading and concurrency is highly preferred

• Experience in low latency, high throughput, highly available distributed systems design and development is a plus

• Experience working with Apache Kafka, Cassandra, Hazelcast

• Knowledge of J2EE/SQL, Angular JS, GoLang