EC Service L3 operations

June 14, 2021
Application ends: August 10, 2021
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Job Description

Experience: 3-6 Years 

Location: Bangalore 

Position Description 

The EC Lifecycle Management Platform team is responsible for the assessment, reporting, planning and execution of certain facets of  platform product’s lifecycle such as vulnerability management and version hygiene to ensure that deployment and usage of these products in the firm’s production and non-production environments results in a more stable, current and secure infrastructure. The web/core platform products covers: Apache, Tomcat, Websphere, F5/A10,  zookeeper, Lightstreamer, Stunnel, IIS, Gemfire etc), that spans from intranet Web farms, middleware to DMZ Client facing technology hosting platform. 

 In summary, the main responsibilities include but not limited to the following: 

  • Work with Engineering/operational SMEs and use existing tools or develop new tools to accurately report the current versions (major and minor) of all vendor related software and hardware across Web/Core products and establish a set of repeatable processes to regularly update/upgrade the versions to a more recent one; 
  • Deploy and maintain products versions dashboard, provide regular reporting and participate vendor engagement with Engineering and operations; 
  • Work with firm’s Technology Risk department and Products Engineering/Operations and product management etc to assess, report and track remediation of vulnerabilities across Platform Products; 
  • Participate regularly (or monthly) CVEs review, provide timely updates and report on the status of the CVEs and related patching and upgrade; 
  • Establish repeatable and regular patching/upgrade processes (analyze, plan, deploy and report) for major Web/Core products; 
  • Work with Products owners (Engineering, operation and product managers) and Hygiene Program PMOs to accurately assess, report and track remediation of hygiene items across Platform products; 
  • Provide regularly Hygiene reports with key highlights and risks; 
  • Assist and oversee products owners (engineering and operations) to formalize patching/upgrade planning, and deployment best practice; 
  • Assess and develop necessary tooling/automation for regular lifecycle functions; 
  • On a needed basis, provide project management and deployment/execution for certain special projects. 

 Minimum Education and Certifications: 

  • Undergraduate degree or equivalent combination of education and work experience. 

 Skills Required: 

  • 4-6 years of relevant experience. 
  • Strong experience in product and project management; 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work with multiple stake holders in a large corporate setting; 
  • Knowledge of system software / hardware, networks and operating systems; 
  • Knowledge and experience in Linux and Windows; 
  • Knowledge of processes and tools utilized for system management, problem reporting and change management; 

 Skills Desired: 

  • Working Experience in above mentioned web and platform products; 
  • Proficient in scripting language for automation. 


  • Technical Upgrade products 
  • Developing dash boards 
  • Operational work in past 
  • L2 /L3 support 
  • Fix issues