Build Master

July 12, 2021
2000000 - 4000000 / year
Application ends: September 30, 2021
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Job Description

Experience Required – 8 years experience

Location : Mumbai / Bangalore

The Role

Our Build Master creates pipelines that build and deploy development, enterprise, and app store versions of our Cordova-based hybrid mobile applications. The Build Master also and ensures the availability and stability of these applications, as well as the macOS development environments upon which they run.

The candidate is expected to diagnose and address build failures, react to changes in Morgan Stanley infrastructure or the Apple / Google / Cordova ecosystems, and triage the root cause for app unavailability—such as service failures, or expired provisioning profiles.

The candidate should be flexible and a self-motivated team player committed to delivering on time.

Job Requirements:

• Support teams in both India + US

• Create & maintain build pipelines on developer Macs & PCs, Mac build machines and TeamCity

• Guarantee availability & stability of enterprise apps, and the enterprise app store, including:

– Ensuring apps can run, and users can log in to them

– Building apps for different environments and platforms

– Rebuilding expired apps

– Triaging reported app “down” issues, including identifying the team responsible for failing services

• Support developers with debugging, running, and building apps

• Specify the macOS machine configuration for developers and build machines

• Work with the Development Environment group to maintain the bootstrapping of macOS machines

• Make packaging requests for needed macOS software, such as Xcode, Android Studio SDK, node, etc…

• Work with the proxy, cyber, z-scaler, and WIFI teams to ensure macOS machines and iOS simulators can access all required network resources

• Onboard and maintain inventory of the library of mobile devices shared with the team in Bangalore

• Create Splunk reports for Prod app monitoring, and interface with the application support group

• Monitor the stability of applications in prod during the 7 days of a phased release / staged rollout

Skills required for this build tooling role:

• CI/CD with TeamCity, Jenkins, and Amazon Cloud

• Shell scripting, bash, python

• NPM, artifactory

• Familiarity with XCode & Android Studio SDKS, including command line build tools

• Knowledge of mobile CICD à including app building, signing, and store deployment

• Knowledge of web app CICD à including Webpack, gulp, Cordova, node and NPM

• Familiarity with network diagnostic tools, including Charles Proxy

• Familiarity with the Apple and Google mobile ecosystems, including AppStore Connect and the Google Play Console

• Experience with Splunk

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