Application Database Administrator-NoSQL Cloud Databases: Cassandra

July 20, 2021
0 - 0 / year
Application ends: September 27, 2021
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Job Description

  • Installs configures and upgrades RDBMS or NoSQL server software and related products on Cloud.
  • Has knowledge of databases including MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, CouchbaseDB etc.
  • Possible sub-skills include DB name itself like MongoDB, Cassandra, Cloudant, and others.

Detailed expectations:

• Design, development, data modeling with anyone of NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB,

Redis, Couchbase, etc.

• Responsible for Database design, performance tuning, query tuning, and Database operations.

• Responsible for designing and Maintaining the indexes.

• Responsible for installation, configuration, creation, and administration of Cassandra, MongoDB,

Redis, Couchbase Databases.

• Configure and manage replication (Master-Master, Master-Slave, Cluster replication, etc.)

• Work on maintaining database security (roles, privileges, authentication).

• Create and maintain documentation, procedures, and best practices for database deployment and


• Responsible to manage NoSQL Databases on Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.), Linux, and Docker


• Hands-on Experience in AWS, Azure & Docker, etc.

• Previous working experience as a NoSQL DBA for 3-5 years

• In-depth knowledge of NoSQL Databases and Graph Databases.

• Experience implementing Database design, Development, and DBA activities.

• Experience with Clustering configuration, setup, and maintenance.

• Experience and knowledge with NoSQL Databases on Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) and Linux platform.

• Experience in databases performance and capacity planning.

• Develop and implement Defragmentation strategies and Index rebuilds

• Backup and restores, Export, and Import Data in multiple data sources.

• Automate routine tasks with your own Shell scripts and open-source tools

• Solid experience in Database Design.

• Solid experience in anyone of NoSQL & Graph Databases ( MongoDB, CosmosDB, RavenDB,

CouchDB, Neo4j) and tuning with extensive experience as a Database Administrator in medium or

larger Projects.

• Highly proficient in SQL with a solid understanding of database concepts (e.g. entity-relationship

modeling, nth normal form, Object-relational mapping)

• Install, deploy and manage NoSQL Databases on physical, virtual machines & Cloud environments.

• Secure NoSQL DB environment with standard security practices.

• Thorough understanding and significant experience of database backup and recovery, performance

monitoring and tuning, data manipulation and migration, and advanced replication technologies.

• Good Understanding and experience with NoSQL DB Replication and Sharding.

• Experience and knowledge with CRUD Operations & writing Complex DB queries etc.

• Hands-on approach to problem-solving

• Database Health checks to be created and published to monitoring systems

• Identify slow queries

• Replication lags

• Node Failures

• Index Usage patterns

• CPU Usage

• Memory Usage

• Locks

• No of connections

• And any other params which can be added as part of database health checks.

• Strong communication skills both written and verbal coupled with strong problem-solving skills

• Experience in Cloud Technology for Deployment of Services is a plus (Docker / Kubernetes / AWS /


• Automate routine tasks with your own Shell scripts and open-source tool

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