DB2 LUW Admin

November 26, 2021
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Location: Bangalore / Hyderabad

Experience required: 5+ Yrs

Qualification: Graduate

Salary: 8 – 9 LPA

Notice Period Immediate -15 days

Job Function:

About the role/ Job description:

DB2 is a family of database management systems, in which we manage the database operation as well as store the data in huge amounts as per the user requirement. But some database application works on a specific platform this is the disadvantage of that system but DB2 low is a cross-platform

Skills and RequirementDB2. LUW

  • Db2 LUW (for Linux/Unix/Windows) DBA
  • Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, and Migration
  • Working with cloud pure scale database and maintaining it.
  • Working on automation of dba activities.
  • Conceptualize and verbalize the benefits of technology in solving real business problems


  • DB2 installation and database setup for single and DPF environments.  
  •  Installations of DB2 UDB v9.x, v10.x, v11.x on windows and Unix Flavour.  
  •  DB2 Migration & Fix pack upgrade .  
  •  Creating and manipulating databases and their configuration parameters.  
  •  Backup and Recovery of databases.  
  •  Recovery of a dropped table by using database/tablespace level backup.  
  •  Managing High Availability of databases on HACMP  
  •  Configuring and monitoring HADR setup and TSA.  
  •  DB Performance monitoring and tunning.  
  •  DB2 (db2exfmt, db2advis, reorg, runstats etc).  
  •  Logging database events using DB2 Auditing.  
  •  Data Movement utilities – import/export/db2move/load.  
  • Query optimization by using different tools &utilities  
  • Using other DB2 tools db2look, db2pd, db2diag, db2top, db2evmon tools.  
  •  DB2 concurrency and isolation levels.  
  •  SQL procedures and UDF’s creation for DB2.  
  •  DB2 Federation setup.  
  •  Working knowledge in RHEL7  
  •  Unix Shell Scripting to automate the tasks.  
  •  Basic Working knowledge of Ansible

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