MFA Mainframe Migration Specialist – Code and Data Migration

July 15, 2021
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Locations: Spain, Italy, Sofia, Tunis, India 

Job Description 

Main activities: 

  • for CODE migration: 
  • Perform the inventory process with HPE’s automated tools (identify and classify all provided objects, reveal all inconsistencies and generate corresponding reports). 
  • Generate required reports for the analysis and design of the different areas (Online, Batch, Code, Data). 
  • Design and implement the required transformations for the Code Migration, and create the corresponding documentation. 
  • for DATA migration: 
  • Review the results of the source code inventory of the Mainframe system to be migrated. Ask the Inventory team the reports and data relevant for the migration of the data files and data bases. 
  • Analyze and Design the migration of the data files and legacy data base(s) to the data base in the new environment based on HPE’s tools and processes, including code transformations and compilation of all the languages accessing the files and databases. 
  • Implement the technical solution for the Data migration, and create the corresponding documentation. 
  • Perform the internal testing for the technical solutions. 
  • Support the functional testing of the whole migration solution. Analyze and solve the detected issues. 
  • Support the performance and load testing of the whole migration solution. Analyze and solve the detected issues. 
  • Perform the move to production activities. 
  • Support the Post-GoLive. Analyze and solve the detected issues. 

Job Qualification 

Must-have Experience (in brackets the expected experience for an Expert): 

  • 7+ years of professional experience and a Bachelor of Arts/Science or equivalent degree in computer science or related area of study; without a degree, three additional years of relevant professional experience (10+ years in total).  
  • 3+ (5+) years of experience in Mainframe Migration (Rehosting) Projects including detailed knowledge of the target environment (ideally Micro Focus Enterprise Server) 
  • for CODE migration: 
  • 2+ (5+) years of PostgreSQL and Apache Tomcat experience is a MUST. 
  • 2+ (5+) years of experience with migrations of applications (e.g. Shell scripts, Java, C/C++) 
  • for DATA migration: 
  • 2+ (5+)  years of experience in Database and Data migrations preferably IBM Mainframe zOS environments to Linux/Windows platforms 
  • Must have a certification for one of the Open Systems Databases (e.g. DB2 LUW, Oracle MS SQLServer, PostgreSQL) 

Relevant Experience and Knowledge: 

  • 3+ (5+) years of experience with programing C/C++, Java, SQL Language, COBOL and Shell scripting is a must 
  • 2+ (5+) years of experience with Linux/Windows Systems is a must 
  • 2+ years of experience with DBs (Oracle, DB2, MS-SQL) 
  • Must have at least one Industrial certifications (e.g. Linux/Microsoft or Programing Language) 
  • Working knowledge of IBM mainframe zOS environment (online – CICS/IMS, batch, security, scheduling, printing) and programming languages COBOL, Assembler (and ideally PL1) 
  • 2+ years of experience in Project scoping, scheduling, estimates time/cost for deliverables, and documentation 

Valued Skills: 

  • High analytical and troubleshooting skills 
  • Commitment and attitude to deliver high quality solution (holistic) support 
  • Act as and support a team at a worldwide level 
  • Is used to work on and with virtual teams as part of a remote delivery model 
  • Proficiency in English language skills 

It is imperative that the applicant possess the right attitude to embrace changes in technology and he/she demonstrate the ability to work outside his comfort zone in gaining skills on all components in the solution stack.