Cloud VM – Software Programmer

July 14, 2021
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Build software libraries to provide secure services to software engineering teams.
  2. Engineer, uplift and integrate in-house developed security and analytic tool.
  3. Define an abstract but ideal/target data foundation upon which an intelligent-automation implementation can be based e.g. define all data points and insight-targets (for example detecting changes within specific categories of sensitive business logic; detection of functionality types such as HTTP, API, infra-as-code, thick-client etc;
  4. Implementing and engineering on top of the Cloudbees platform, capabilities for deriving the elements defined in ‘Data sources and foundation’.
  5. Provide frictionless integration with the client’s runtime, deployment and SDLC technologies
  6. Work closely with the client’s threat modelling team to build upon the existing threat pattern library with focus on supporting design components available within AWS, GCP & Azure
  7. Work closely with client stakeholder from across engineering and risk to ensure an outstanding developer experience that satisfies the client’s security needs
  8. Provide PROD assurance engineering support
  9. Help to communicate and promote best practices for security engineering

Basic Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  2. 6 – 10 years of experience in Secure Software development, deployment automation, environment management and modelling, and release coordination
  3. Proficiency in designing, developing and testing software in one or more technologies i.e. Python, Django, Groovy, React, RabbitQ.
  4. Proficiency in any one of Perl or bash.
  5. Proficiency in databases such as Oracle MySQL and IBM db2.
  6. Experience developing, deploying and supporting software across the full Continuous Delivery life cycle.
  7. Strong understanding of security concepts, including secure coding practices, trusted computing etc.
  8. The ability to reason about performance, security, and process interactions in complex distributed systems
  9. The ability to communicate technical concepts effectively, both in writing and orally, as well as the interpersonal skills required to collaborate effectively with stakeholders across diverse engineering teams

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Prior experience in building services using public cloud providers such as GCP, AWS, Azure etc.
  2. Experience in working on AWS Lambda
  3. Experience with product threat modelling and risk assessment
  4. Good know-how of data protection principles, solutions and service-oriented architectures
  5. Experience with deploying software to containerized environments – Kubernetes/Docker
  6. Experience with Terraform or similar infrastructure-as-code platforms, as a user and/or as a service provider.
  7. Experience with Ansible as automation tool.
  8. Understanding of regulatory frameworks.
  9. Linux foundation sysadmin certified or some understanding of it.